How and how many times to feed a dog?

How and how many times to feed a dog?

Every dog owner will tell you that owning one is the best thing that can happen to you. But still, few of them will mention to you the whole process you have to go through with them, especially while they are still young. So you need to learn when to take your dog for a walk, how many times to feed him, what to allow him and what not. Since dogs are different because we have different breeds and sizes, so is the diet we will get our dog used to.

It will be easiest for us if we get a young dog, because in that case we will be able to create habits for him when to eat and how many times a day.

At the age of up to 3 months, puppies can be fed 4 times a day. When he reaches the age of 5 months, it is usual to feed the puppies 3 times a day, and after the sixth month, cancel one meal and feed him 2 times a day. After a year, you can go for one meal a day, but the most important thing is that your dog is not hungry, so when you grow up, it is up to you to choose the best diet for your dog.

Remember that because of the amount of food your dog eats you need to be careful and how many times you take him for a walk. It would be best for the dog to take him for a walk as many times as he eats.

Ideally, your dog's diet should include 70% meat and 30% vegetables and other grains. In addition to good food, there is also food that is bad for your dog. These include chocolate, sugar, alcohol, foods high in salt and other spices, milk, eggs, puffed vegetables - beans, peas, legumes.

And of course don’t forget about water, because it’s just as important as food. If you feed your dog only dry food then he will need more water. Be careful that fresh water is always available to your dog, especially on hot summer days.

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