Why does my cat always follow me into the bathroom?

Why does my cat always follow me into the bathroom?

We know perfectly well that our cats will follow us wherever we go. If we go to the kitchen, they will follow us simply because they know that there is food. And well... cats love food. That's especially true when it comes to those cans that open. It's a sound they know and love!

And what's another place in your home, where your cat will follow you? The bathroom! And while we all want our privacy, guess what, cats don't care! They will just stare in a front of a door, yowl, or swipe under the door with frustrated paws, wondering what on the Earth we are doing in there. Are we coming back? Why is it taking so long? And most importantly, will I ever eat again? If we could just know all the questions going on in their little minds!

So, why my cat is following me into the bathroom?

When we go to the bathroom, we don’t go there to actually hang out. Apart from our mobile phone, we have no other companion. But what do you think, do cats really care? And of course, when we close the door, their curiosity is even greater. What they're really interested in is why you closed the door. What's going on there? Are there any other cats? Or maybe they think we’re hiding from them. The list is truly endless.

But let's look at it from the other side. When we close the door, we create a barrier between us and our cat. This further increases the curiosity that cats have by nature. You see, we would never go to their litter box and bother them while they do their job. But cats just don’t care about our privacy. But in defense of felines, neither do dogs!

Remember, cats are micro-managers and they must know what is going on at all times. This includes you when you try and sneak off to the bathroom, human! Your cat is following you essentially because they are nosy, and you've triggered their curiosity. Now, I know that we all think that our cats are following us because they love us and want to be near us, but if you think that's true, you might be overlooking the nature of a cats. Even I like to convince myself to this when my cats are following me. Anyway, we will always love our little fur friends, and our lives would never be the same without them!

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  • Linda Marchy

    My cat Molly follows me into the bathroom then shuts the door. I live alone so do not usually shut the door.

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